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Childrens Educational DIY Wooden Rubber Band Gun

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Children are bound to have a blast putting together this DIY rubber band gun kit, perfect for any age. Not only will they be rewarded with the finished product - a fine working rubber band gun - they will learn many skills whilst building this classic wooden toy and will also work on there hand eye co-ordination with some rubber band target practice! 

Like lego but it shoots
Holds up to 6 shots
Build time around 30 minutes
Easy to follow instructions included


Once assembled, simply place a rubber band over the wheel at the back of gun, just above the trigger, then stretch over the end of the barrel of the gun. There is a grovve that will keep the rubber band in place at the end of the barrel. Then simply rotate the wheel to add another rubber band and so on (up to 6 rubber bands can be added) Then simply pull the trigger to fire.

20ft (6m)

Rubber band gun building kit - All wooden pieces, nuts and bolts
Screwdriver and file to smoothen edges
6 Rubber Bands