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Mauser C96 Rubber Bullet Gun - DL-44 Blaster

Mauser C96 Rubber Bullet Gun - DL-44 Blaster

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Did you know that Han Solos pistol is based off the mauser C96?

This Blaster is a 1:1 scale replica of the Mauser C96, which was first produced in Germany 1896. This toy blaster is a one of a kind, capable of firing not only Nerf darts, but also small rubber bullets from its removable magazine! Featuring a magazine fed system, this blaster functions just like the real thing. 

To fire a rubber bullet, simply load the rubber bullets into the magazine, insert the magazine into the mag well, pull back the slide, and your ready to go! To release the magazine, simply hold down the magazine release button. To fire a nerf dart, simply load a the foam dart into the front of the barrel ,pull back the slide to load, and then pull the trigger to fire. This fantastic toy blaster offers endless hours of fun and is the perfect replica prop available for Han Solos DL-44 Pistol

Mauser C96 with magazine and barrel
​5 rubber bullets and 2 Nerf darts