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Compact Magazine Fed Repeating Bow

Compact Magazine Fed Repeating Bow

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The MRB-7 (Mini Repeating Bow 7; the 7 indicating magazine capacity) is a compact 3D printed magazine fed bow.

The MRB-7 was inspired by Joerg Sprave (The Slingshot Channel), designed by Ben Cooney (Ben 3D), and brought to market by Flint Tolley (Backyard Blasters).

Joerg developed the concept of a magazine fed repeating bow, creating such bows as the ‘Ghengis Khan’ and ‘Instant Legolini” to name a few, sharing his work on his youtube channel.

Ben, a follower of Joerg, designed this 3D printed model, most likely based off Joerg’s Instant Legolini, and listed the 3D print designs online. However, a 3D printer is required to produce.

Flint closed this gap by means of 3D printing production, so it is available to you as a finished product. He dubbed Bens design “The MRB-7’.

The invention of a magazine fed bow is nothing short of revolutionary, and will forever change the world of Archery as we know it.


Although this item is not fatal, it is NOT a toy. Assembly not required. Includes 12 bolts. Strength of bow string adjustable using fishermans knot. Shipped from Cairns, QLD.