Compact Magazine Fed Repeating Bow

Compact Magazine Fed Repeating Bow

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Critical information in last section of text. Bow string and bolts not included. Assembly required. 

The MRB-7 (Mini Repeating Bow 7; the 7 indicating magazine capacity) is a compact 3D printed magazine fed bow.

The MRB-7 was inspired by Joerg Sprave (The Slingshot Channel), designed by Ben Cooney (Ben 3D), and brought to market by Flint Tolley (Backyard Blasters).

Joerg developed the concept of a magazine fed repeating bow, creating such bows as the ‘Ghengis Khan’ and ‘Instant Legolini” to name a few, sharing his work on his youtube channel.

Ben, a follower of Joerg, designed this 3D printed model, most likely based off Joerg’s Instant Legolini, and listed the 3D print designs online. However, a 3D printer is required to produce.

Flint closed this gap by means of 3D printing production, so it is available to you as a finished product. He dubbed Bens design “The MRB-7’.

The invention of a magazine fed bow is nothing short of revolutionary, and will forever change the world of Archery as we know it.


Although this item is not fatal, it is NOT a toy.

Lead time 5-7 business days before dispatch (3d printing and packaging process).

Once you receive your parts in the box assembly is required (build time 15 minutes).

Some parts of the prints may require sanding and smoothing out.

The use of glue is advised.

A copy of detailed instructions will be emailed to you.

Bow string and bolts not included. Elastic cord or latex tubing is advised for use as a bow string. Requires 6.5 inch bolts, which can be found at most sporting/outdoor stores.