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Tactical Full Face Protective Mask

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This two piece tactical black mask offers full face protection, featuring a removable mouthguard and eye goggles. Perfect for Nerf gun, gel ball gun, and airsoft wars. The googles offer a wide field of view, so sight is not limited when wearing the mask. Both the googles and mouthguard can be removed for cleaning. The mask is made of high strength TPU material, which can bend freely and is resistant to strong impacts. The goggles feature high-density foam to fit snugly around the eyes and an adjustable elastic band to give your goggles the prefect fit. The detachable breathable mouthguard includes a clean and hygienic filter sponge in the inner side to prevent inhalation of any dirt and dust.The mask is also well ventilated so that fresh air circulates naturally. Suitable for ages over 6. 

Simply slide the mask over your face and secure in place.

Material: TCU + PC
Product Size: 5*18*18.5cm
Product Weight: 175g

1 x Tactical Black Protective Mask