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STD 1911 Manual Mag Fed Gel Ball Pistol Backyard Blasters

STD Colt 1911 Mag Fed Gel Ball Blaster Fun Pack

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The STD 1911 is currently one of the best Manual magazine fed Gel Ball Pistols on the market. This pistol will really keep you entertained with its many many moving, and working, parts. The pistol also features an aluminium barrel for great performance and removable handgrips with weights that can be added to give the pistol a beautiful balance.

If you are looking for a more user friendly, but just as reliable pistol, then at other end of the spectrum is the Glock 18 Manual Gel Ball Pistol 3 Pack and this will be best suited for you. 

60ft (18m)

3 x STD 1911 Manual Mag Fed Gel Ball Pistols
1 x Bonus High Capacity Gel Ball Speed Loader