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Nerf Worker Barrel Conversion Kit - Backyard Blasters

Nerf Worker Barrel Conversion Kit

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The worker barrel conversion kits are easy to install, non-perminent, and built to last. Each barrel features a threaded end which is designed so you can easily remove the barrel if you decide to shoot mega darts.  These conversion kits are available for the Nerf BigShock (1 pack) Nerf Cyclone shock (6 pack) and Nerf Rotofury (10 pack).

To install the barrel, simply push the barrel inside the Nerf gun barrel. This allows the new barrel to friction fit and you can now fire Elite darts! If you decide to shoot mega darts you can easily remove the barrel with the included string and reomval piece.  So order yours today...you'll have a blast!

1 x Worker barrel conversion of your choice.