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Metal Die-Cast Beretta M9 Cap Gun - Backyard Blasters

Metal Die-Cast Beretta M9 Cap Gun

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This metal die cast cap gun is a durable, loud, and impressive looking toy gun. Featuring an 8 round cartridge and semi-automatic function this toy gun offers endless hours of fun. This realistic toy pistol is also compatible with most pistol holsters, making it an ideal prop for costume play and dress ups.

To operate the toy gun, simply place one 8 round cap ring into the cartridge. Close the cartridge and pull the trigger continuously to fire off the 8 rounds in semi-automatic action. The spring loaded cartridge can be accessed by pushing a small button on the right side of the gun. Order yours'll have a blast!

Pressing down the caps onto the pins firmly before closing the breach will help the cylinder to rotate. Metal Cap guns require some care, and adding some oil will lubricate the internals and help the cylinder rotate. Avoid leaving the cap gun outside where it may be exposed to moisture, as this may cause the trigger to seize up. It is also a good idea to clean around the cylinder and firing pins after firing caps, as the spent gunpowder can build up around these areas making it difficult to fire the cap gun. 

1 x Metal Die-Cast Beretta M9 Cap Gun