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Manual G17 Gel Ball Blaster - Backyard Blasters

G17 Gel Ball Blaster 6-7mm

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PLEASE NOTE PICKUP OF THIS ITEM IS UNAVAILABLE. Our 1:1 scale manual Glock 17 Gel Ball Blaster is a single shot spring powered pistol and offers superior reliability as opposed to electric battery operated Gel Ball Blasters. Unlike other gel ball blasters which have the hopper located on top of the gun in the form of a scope (which prevents you from using a holster and looking down the sights) our glock 17 features a built in hopper in the top of the slide. This means you can line up your shots with the iron sights and use this pistol in any of our holsters. The gun is made from strong ABS plastic and is a perfect 1:1 scale of the original glock 17.

Please only purchase these products if you have consulted your local law enforcement agency. Each state varies in their laws.

 To load the ammo into the gun, open the flap on top of the slide and fill with approx 30 gel balls. Close the flap shut, rack back the slide, and pull the trigger to fire. Repeat the process to fire your next shot. Shoots our 6-7mm gel balls. Simply soak ammo pellets in water for approx 4 hours and it will be ready for use. The ammo is completely safe, biodegradable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and evaporates without a trace. No need to worry about cleaning up. To view our video on how to prepare gel ball ammo, click here.

50ft (16m) 

1 x Glock 17 Gel Ball Blaster  
500 x 6-7mm gel balls