High Capacity Gel Ball Speed Loader

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What is the most time consuming process when using a gel ball blaster? Loading the ammo! Save valuable time with our high capacity gel ball ammo speed loader! Designed for fast reloads and ease of use, you can say goodbye to fumbling around trying to load your blaster. So order yours today, you’ll have a blast! 

Pour your ammo into the bottle until full. To pour out ammo into your blaster or magazine, simply remove the safety cap on the end of the bottle and you are ready to reload. You may choose to make your ammo in the bottle (in which case leave room for water) or fill it with prepared ammo that is already hydrated to its full size.

Color: Black
Material: ABS
Capacity: Approx 1000 rounds
Product Size: 20*8*8cm
Product Weight: 98g

1 x High Capacity Easy Load Gel Ball Blaster Ammo Bottle Container