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Glock 18 Manual Gel Ball Pistol - Backyard Blasters

Glock 18 Hopper Fed Gel Ball Blaster Fun Pack

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Looking for a fun set of blasters to get everyone involved? This 3 pack features the Glock 18 Hopper Fed Manual pistol. These pistols are extremely well built and among the most reliable manual pistols out there. A basic hopper fed blaster with only a few moving parts and satisfactory performance, this set is perfect for anyone that is new to toy guns or the gel ball hobby.

If you are looking for a giant leap, then at other end of the spectrum is the STD 1911 Manual Mag Fed Gel Ball Pistol 3 Pack and this will be best suited for you.  

60ft (18m)

3 x Glock 18 Manual Gel Ball Pistols
1 x Bonus High Capacity Gel Ball Speed Loader