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Fully-Automatic P90 SMG Gel Ball Blaster | Backyard Blasters
Electric P90 SMG Gel Ball Blaster
Electric P90 SMG Gel Ball Blaster
Electric P90 SMG Gel Ball Blaster

Electric P90 SMG Gel Ball Blaster

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Gear up and get ready for intense action with the P90 SMG Gel Ball Blaster Kit! This battery powered toy gun is a fully automatic blaster that fire small 9-11mm gel balls at over 100FPS! Styled as a P90 with a removable suppressor and carry sling, this blaster is bound to keep you entertained for hours! Checkout our video review to see her in action.

Reloading ammo only takes 10 seconds with no mess to clean up. To reload simply pour 120 gel balls into the scope, close the lid and your ready for full auto action! 

The ammo, Gel Balls, also known as crystal balls or orbeez, are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and are formed after soaking in water. These small squishy gell balls hold there form whilst being fired and then explode on impact. 

1:1 Scale.
Blue/Black solid ABS plastic.
Working Trigger.
Removable Mag and Scope 
Working Mag release and Safety
Shoots Gel Balls.
length 62cm (inc Silencer) 50.5cm (without Silencer)

    1 x P90 SMG Electric Gel Ball Blaster
    1 x Removable Mag and Scope  
    7 x packets of 500 9-11mm gel balls. Total 3500 rounds
    1 x USB Charger.
    1 x 6V Rechargeable Battery.

    White or Black colour sent at random