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Foam Darts Refill Pack - Suction Cup Foam Darts

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N-Strike warriors lose when they run out of ammo, and there is no better way to load up on firepower than with these suction cup foam darts! No only can you take out the enemy with these foam darts, you can also do target practice around the house indoors, as the suction cup tips allow the foam darts to stick to any flat glass surface! Perfect! Picking up darts off the floor is a thing of the past!

This ammo is compatible with all our toy foam dart blasters that fire foam darts. This ammo can also be used in most Nerf Blasters.
Please note it cannot be used in Nerf blasters that fire from a magazine as the suction cup tip cause the dart to get stuck in the magazine and it will not feed properly.

Carefully packed with endless hours of fun! 

Package Includes:
24 Foam darts (4 packs of 6)

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