Coffee Mug Revolver

Coffee Mug Revolver

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Have you ever wanted to drink coffee like a gangster? This Top Gun Mug is the only cup that will allow you to do so without bringing a piece to the table.

With the Gun Mug, you'll either initially scare the crap out of the person still trying to wake up or induce a bit of laughter into the morning routine. The conventional handle has been replaced with a handgun grip complete with the trigger. Of course, it doesn't fire anything, but I think the illusion of the firearm will make anyone feel a little bit badass.

Combat the tiresome mornings with a hot cup of Jo in this intense gun-shaped mug, perfect if you seek a little bustle in the start of the day or just a little action when you want to take a sip of your calming chamomile tea.


  • Handle shaped as a gun
  • Black colour
  • Ceramic
  • Microwaveable
  • Dishwasher safe


Coffee Mug Revovler