Bowslinger - Rainbow Loom Rubber Band Gun

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The Bowslinger is a compact, lightweight 6-shot rubber band gun that shoots Rainbow Loom bands at incredible speeds. The advanced mechanism allows for Rapid Fire shots, with a delightful "clack-clack" sound each time the trigger is pulled. The rubber ban gun is easy to load and even easier to fire. Uses all types of Loom Bands. 15-20 bands included to get you started.

Place one loom band on the nub at the end of the barrel. Pull back and place on the rear wheel on the furthest nub. Repeat the process with the remaining 5 rubber bands, and progress through each nub on the rear wheel until all 6 are loaded. Pull the trigger again and again for semi-automatic fire. 

17ft (5.1m)   

1 x Rainbow Bowslinger rubber band gun and 15-20 loom rubber bands. Colours sent at random.