Electric Auto-Reset Target

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This Electric Auto-Reset Target is ideal for use as a target against a nerf gun, gel ball shooter, airsoft gun, or even a rubber band gun! Featuring 3 different sized targets; large, medium, and small, this target set will no doubt get you to that elite sniper status, and offers endless hours of fun! Great with friends or solo target practice. 

Simply place three AA batteries into the battery tray on the back. Clip the targets to the stand and flip them so they are facing up, ready to be knocked down. Turn the target switch on, and your ready to take aim and fire! Once all three are knocked down, the target will pop them back up, so you are ready to shoot again! 

High Quality ABS Plastic
Requires 3 AA Batteries
Removable parts 
Target resets once all three are knocked down.

Insert batteries correctly
Make sure you have turned the target switch on
Targets will not pop until you have knocked all 3 down. This is demonstrated here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhOHwIxxwTM
1 x Electric Auto-Reset Target