6,000 9-11mm High Impact Gell Balls

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Don't run out of ammo! Each packet contains 300 rounds, total 6,000 rounds. These crystal water gel balls are harmless to the environment and non-toxic. This ammo is also know as orbeeze, crystal gel balls or gel balls. To be used in gel ball blasters that fire the 9-11mm rounds.

To prepare ammo, soak in water for approx. 4 hours to expand to full size, 9-11mm. After the ammo has grown to its full size, drain the water and you will be left with the ammo. To view our video on how to prepare gel ball ammo, click here.

If you leave the ammo in water for more then 4 hours it is not a problem. They will not grow larger then the size they are meant to. You can add as much water as you want, there is no specific amount. However, too little water and the gel balls will not expand to full size. Use normal tap water at room temperature. If left out to dry, the small gel ball will shrink back to its original size...around the size o f a very small pinhead. To increase range and offer smoother firing from your blaster, simply mix a drop of detergent through the gel balls after they have formed to full size. When not in use leave the gel balls in a bottle or container with a little bit of water to stop them from shrinking.

Blasters on our website that use this ammo:   

6,000 x 9-11mm gel balls