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3 in 1 Classic Cap Gun - Backyard Blasters

3 in 1 Classic Cap/Spud/Water Gun

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Made from Die-cast this 3 in 1 toy gun is built to last, and offers hours endless hours of fun! It can be used as a cap gun, spud gun, and even a water pistol.
1. Spud gun - remove rubber cap, dig into potato and squeeze trigger to fire.
2.Pull back the hammer and place one cap onto it. Pull trigger to fire (An 8 ring cap can be used by cutting out one cap from the ring of 8)
3.WATER PISTOL - attach rubber cap, place into water source and hold down trigger. Release trigger to draw water into the gun and then squeeze the trigger to fire!

1 x 3 in 1 Classic Cap Gun - caps not included