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2 in 1 Desert Eagle Gel Ball Blaster 11-13mm

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This 2 in 1 toy blaster, modelled after the Desert Eagle, fires not only nerf darts, but also gell balls! Featuring a removable scope with flashing lights and a neon blue slide and green grip, this blaster looks just the part! Star wars model does not include flashing lights in scope. Only 2 left in stock! 

Size: 23 * 13cm
Material: ABS Plastic
Neon blue slide and green grip - Star Wars model white and black
Working slide and trigger
Fires over 24ft
Duel function firing Nerf darts or gel balls.
Shoots 11-13mm Gel Balls.

Simply load your prepared ammo into the hopper, pull back the slide, slowly release the slide forward to prevent the gel ball from rolling out the barrel, take aim, and pull the trigger to fire. Pull back the slide again to fire your next shot! To prepare extra ammo, soak in water for approx. 4 hours to expand to full size, 11-13mm. After the ammo has grown to its full size, drain the water and you will be left with the ammo. To view our video on how to prepare gel ball ammo, click here.   

24ft (7.3m)

1 x Star Wars desert eagle blaster
1 x Prepared pack of 11-13mm gel balls
1 x Pack of 200 11-13mm gel balls
2 x Cushion cupped foam darts

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