What can I use Backyard Blasters for? 
Well, as our name suggest, backyard blasting is one place to start, but the truth is Backyard Blasters can be used for anything under the sun. Indoor or outdoor nerf wars, dress ups, cosplay, filming, martial arts, gun safety training, acting props, collecting, domestic animal control... the list goes on! (That last one was a joke).
Do you have a retail store?
Backyard Blasters is solely an online retailer. We don’t deal with middlemen so our products go straight from our warehouse to our customers. We’re also not hindered by significant costs associated with a traditional retail outlet. All of this means we’re able to offer you substantial savings on our extensive range of toy guns. 
Can I pick up my order?
Pickup of items is available within 24 hours Monday to Friday from Unit 7/364 Woodpark Rd, Smithfield NSW 2164 Australia.
What are your payment methods?
We accept a variety of payment methods including Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, and Zippay. Zippay allows you to purchase the product and pay later without any fees whatsoever within a 60 day period. For more information, please visit the zipPay Guide.

What happens after I place my order?
Our order process is simple:
  1. You'll get an email confirmation immediately after placing your order.
  2. Your order will be dispatched same day if placed before 1pm Monday to Friday. 
  3. You'll get an email confirmation of shipping with your tracking ID once your order leaves our warehouse.
How do I use Bulk Buy? 
For most of our items, when you purchase 5 or more of one item you can save 20% by using a discount code at the checkout page. This discount code can be found at the bottom of the items page, below the description. Please note you can not use more than one discount code per order. 
How will my order be sent? 
All orders are packed carefully and sent safely in courier tough bags or boxes when required.
What are your shipping rates?
To view our shipping rates, please click here.  
Can I make a suggestion?
Sure! If you have a suggestion for any type of cool blaster you would like to see in our store please send us an Email, Tweet, or Facebook message and we will get back to you asap. You can keep in touch via our social media links for regular video uploads and be the first to be notified of any new upcoming products.

I received an incorrect item, what do I do?
In the case of an incorrect item/s received, please contact our customer care team via hello@backyardblasters.com Please include your order number, and any photos and relevant information regarding the issue so that we can fix this as soon as possible. Please note that we do not issue refunds on returns but if there is a problem with an item, we may arrange a replacement to be sent to you. Returned items must be sent in the condition that it was received in. Buyer pays for return postage of item.
Can I review items from your store? 
Of course! If your posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or youtube be sure to use #backyardblasters and if you want to upload a review on youtube, we will pay you! Visit our Blaster Review Program for more details. 
What is the history of Backyard Blasters? Backyard Blasters started in my parents garage in 2015. You can watch this video here, or to find out more about us click here.
Are your toy guns legal?
All our Toy Guns are legal in all states and territories of Australia. They are mulit-coloured, clearly packaged, labeled as toys, and marked with orange tips. These children's toys cannot be modified into a real gun. Remember to always use common sense and treat every toy gun with respect. In regards to the legality of Gel Ball Blasters we sell, some may not be deemed as toys in your state, as they may be deemed as imitation/replica firearms. This all depends on your state laws (e.g. QLD does not require a license for toy guns considered a replica) so it is best to verify with your local State Police Department and ask them for specific information regarding the ownership of items you wish to purchase. We suggest you take a screenshot of the gel ball blaster you wish to purchase, state what you will be using the plastic toy for (i.e. collecting, backyard play, filming, cosplay, dressups) and ask if a License is required, and if so, how do I obtain it. You can send this information via email to your relevant state department which can be found below.






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1300 362 562




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(08) 9223 7000



Will my order go through Australian customs?
NO! Because all our items are posted from within Australia (domestic parcels), they do not go through customs. Parcels only go through customs when you order an item from outside Australia (for example buying an item from china). International customers you can be rest assured your order will be delivered safely. We have delivered all over the world and to many remote areas such as Madagascar and not once had a problem. 
What is the legality of Gel Ball Blasters?
Allright folks, this question is asked on a daily basis. Currently, there is nothing in writing. No law they are breaching or even what firearms class they fall into. As some of you may know, Australian customs have been confiscating imports of Gel Ball Blasters, usually classing the items as airsoft guns, which they are not! Australia is a very sensitive country to anything with the word gun in it, and these confiscations come down to ill-knowledge and mis-understanding of these plastic toys. A snickers bar is more dangerous then any of these toys!
Where should I buy my gel ball blaster from?
If you are looking at buying your first gel ball blaster, do so from an Australian business (like us). You need to buy local to guarantee delivery of your blaster. Do not buy from overseas!
How do  Australian sellers get their gel ball blaster stock?
Most Australian sellers (like us) are selling stock that we imported months before customs started confiscating the items. Unfortunately, once we (Australian sellers) have sold out, it is unlikely we will be able to restock, as customs is currently confiscating imports of these toys. So get a Gel Ball Blaster whilst you can!
Is it ok to let kids play with toy guns? 
Not sure about buying your child a toy gun? First have a read of this blog
When you purchase you are accepting the terms and conditions; Backyard Blasters will not be held responsible for any breach of rules or regulations by any person(s) or organisation(s) in any part of the Commonwealth of Australia, or any other country who purchases toy guns on this site. Buyers are reminded that it is their responsibility to check with their local state police and or firearms authorities in regards to the legality of possession of a toy gun within their state or territory.         
Contact Information
If you have any questions or enquiries, please sling me a message on facebook @ www.facebook.com/backyardblasters  or send me an email to hello@backyardblasters.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can get in touch via our contact contact page.
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