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Colt 1911 Rubber Bullet Pistol Prop

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The Rubber Bullet Toy Gun is a fantastic 1:1 scale replica of an M1911 Colt  45. Featuring a 5 round removable magazine, spring loaded slide, and realistic magazine release button, this toy gun offers hours of fun and is perfect for costume play and dress ups. This rare toy pistol is also compatible with most pistol holsters, making it the perfect choice for any of your cosplay conventions.   

To operate the toy gun, simply place 5 rubber bullets into the magazine, load the magazine into the gun, pull back the slide to chamber a round, and pull the trigger to release a rubber bullet up to 17 feet! To remove the magazine, simply hold down the magazine release button, and the magazine will eject. Order yours'll have a blast! 

Make sure the bullets are pushed to the rear of the magazine. You can do this by tapping the mag on a hard surface after you have loaded it which shifts the rubber bullets to the back of the mag. This helps it feed properly. The slide spring is quite strong, so it is best to slowly release it, or hold onto it after you had pulled the slide back. Also make sure to cock the slide back all the way, otherwise the bullets will not feed properly and the trigger catch will not hold back the pin properly. Be sure not to dry-fire the toy gun (shoot it with no ammo) as this can damage the firing pin.

17ft (5.1m)  

1 x Rubber Bullet Toy Gun Model 1911 with Blue or Yellow slide - sent at random 
10 x Rubber Bullets 10mm