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M1911 Detective Nerf Gun, Colt .45 ACP - Backyard Blasters

M1911 Foam Dart Gun

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The M1911 Foam Dart Gun is perfect for costume play, dress ups, nerf wars, and is a great gift packed with hours of fun! This rare toy pistol is a 1:1 scale model of a 1911 Commander pistol and is not only compatible with most pistol holsters, but also various gun mount accessories that can be attached to the under slung rail. The magazine can be removed which has two pegs on it allowing you to secretly store 2 foam darts in the handle of the gun. This gun is not made by NERF, but shoots nerf darts and functions in the same manner. More ammo available here.

To operate the toy gun, simply place a foam dart in the front of the gun, pull back the slide, and pull the trigger to release a suction cupped foam dart that shoots up to 37 feet! Order yours'll have a blast!

To avoid damaging the blaster, do not dry-fire it (load and shoot it) without a foam dart in it, as this can damage the plunger tube - plastic tube that pushes out the air to propel the dart. If it is fired when there is no foam dart in the blaster, then there is no resistance against the plastic tube which can cause damage to the gun. Be sure to pull the slide all the way back when cocking the gun. A trick that you can do to the foam darts is cutting the foam dart in half. This will increase the range of the foam dart.

37ft (11.2m)   

1 x Toy Foam Dart Gun - Model 1911 
1 x Plastic Target
6 x Foam Darts with suction cups