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.45 ACP Rubber Bullet Revolver Prop - Backyard Blasters

.45 ACP Rubber Bullet Revolver Prop

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This Revolver Toy Gun is a unique 1:1 scale replica of a .45 ACP British Bull-Dog Revolver. Featuring a 5 round cylinder, spring loaded hammer, and realistic break action, this toy gun offers endless hours of fun and is perfect for costume play and dress ups. This rare toy pistol is also compatible with most pistol holsters, making it the perfect choice for any of your cosplay conventions.


To operate the toy gun, pull down on the barrel, place 5 rubber bullets into the cylinder, close the gun, and gently pull the trigger to shoot a rubber bullet out of the barrel. The cylinder automatically cycles forward as the trigger is being pulled so remember to pull the trigger slowly.  As you pull the tigger, the hammer flys forward and flicks the rubber bullet out of the barrel at around 3ft.

This is not the only way you can fire the toy gun. Simply line up the cylinder, pull back the hammer and then release the hammer with your finger, propelling the rubber bullet up to 12ft. Simply rotate the cylinder to get ready to fire your next shot! Ammo is compatible with the colt 1911 toy gun.


12ft (3.6m)


1 x Rubber Bullet Toy Gun - Model .45 ACP Revolver in Blue, Green or Yellow - sent at random. 10 x Rubber Bullets 10mm