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M1911 Detective Nerf Dart Gun, Colt .45 ACP

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The Detective Toy Gun is perfect for costume play, dress ups, nerf wars, and is a great gift packed with hours of fun! This rare toy pistol is a 1:1 scale model of a 1911 Commander pistol and not only is it compatible with most pistol holsters, but also compatible with various gun mount accessories, that can be attached to the under slung rail. To operate the toy gun, simply place a foam dart in the front of the gun, pull back the slide, and pull the trigger to release a suction cupped foam dart that shoots up to 22 feet! Order yours today...you'll have a blast!

Package Includes: 
Toy Foam Dart Gun - Model 1911 
6 Foam Darts with suction cups 
Plastic Target
All packaged safely in original box  

Carefully packed with endless hours of fun! 

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