A little bit about me

Nerf Fanatic!

My first Nerf gun was all right, it looked awesome, but I wanted to make it better, shoot further... so after watching some mod tutorials on youtube, I grabbed my pair of pliers, drill and screw driver, and set to work modding my nerf blaster. I instantly became one with the hobby of nerf modding, with my most memorable nerf gun mod being my Longshot CS-6.  I loaded an additional 2 springs with the stock spring, lubricated the direct plunger and reinforced the plunger head and bolt sled. When the mod was done, this beast shot a solid 100 ft and above! It took a lot of strength to load it (I was a young kid at the time ;) but it was well worth it! I also added foam inside the blaster to stop the rattling from the recoil of the three springs (felt like it was going to fall apart after each shot!) I also had to make the streamline nerf darts heavier as stock darts would just dive left and right after travelling 50-60 ft out of this canon. It was loads of fun.. until it died. Unfortunately, the bolt sled snapped due to the weight of the springs. Three springs was deffinantly over kill, (pfft you can never have over kill;)  I tried to resurrect the beast by reinforcing the bolt sled but she just wouldn’t hold. But you live and you learn. Since then, I have continued modding nerf blasters and it remains my favourite hobby today... but so does playing with all the other foam blasters out there! I hope you enjoy checking out the various rare and unique foam blasters in my store, and for an even better look at the blasters in my store, check out my reviews on my youtube channel for endless hours of blasting entertainment!
It’s nerf or Nothing
Now there are a lot of people out there that dont know this, but in Australia, airsoft is actually illegal.That’s right, illegal! Zilch, zero. No airsoft. So yeah, it is literally Nerf or Nothing, but this is what sparked my interest to see what other types of foam blasters, besides Nerf, are out there.

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