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“It’s part of growing up - role playing and exploring.”

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The attention to detail on this toy gun is incredible for the price. As a film student and amateur prop maker I see a lot of potential with this gun.
The grip is removable making it easy to paint and can be taken apart with simple Philips head screws. The clip and bullets look great and make the gun that much better to paint for cosplay or filming. Also the price is really good value, very pleased with it. :)

Thomas Cooley, New Zealand

This prop pistol is one of the best finds for anyone who wants to cosplay with a toy pistol with an ejecting magazine. Though it would be a good idea if the manufacturers of this product include more than one magazine.

Jessie, QLD Australia

I was very happy with this holster. It looks convincing and feels very secure. The clip pouch on this is slightly wider than the belt(waist) holster. I would recommend this for Nerf also because it sits at a good height for quick drawing and running around. If it helps anyone out, it adjusts from my skinny brothers leg to my own larger leg just fine.

Ryley S, USA

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