Storewide Discounted Wholesale Prices

Auf Wiedersehen

The time has come to close the doors of our online store, and so we are selling the last of our stock at greatly discounted wholesale prices. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has supported our online store. Whilst many may be disappointed we are closing the retail side of Backyard Blasters, we hope you will consider joining the entertainment side of Backyard Blasters for the next chapter of our journey over on our youtube channel, where we will continue to hunt down and review the coolest toy guns from all around the world, to our growing international audience of almost 100,000 subscribers.

It has been a pleasure to serve you. 


Flint - Founder, Backyard Blasters 

β€œIt’s part of growing up - role playing and exploring.”

About Us


Born From Passion

I've played with toy guns for as long as I can remember. If it looks cool and shoots something, I had to have it. This is why Backyard Blasters curated collection features only the funnest and coolest toy guns you will ever find. 


Blasting Entertainment

With over 340 videos, 88,000 subscribers, and 50,000,000 views on youtube, Backyard Blasters are one of the most authoritative, trusted, and passionate business's in the world of Toy Guns. Checkout our videos today. 


Based in Australia

Located in the land down under, Backyard Blasters is proudly Australian owned and operated, delivering to all States and Territories of Australia. All orders dispatched within 48 hours and include tracking to your doorstep.